Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Move & a Sale

I'm moving my ShutterKate shop to a new location...(typed drum roll)...!

I plan on migrating the items in ShutterKate over to Knitstorm in the next month. To speed up the move, I'm offering 20% off of any item at from now until the shop is completely empty and migrated! Take advantage of this great offer! To get your 20% off, leave a note to buyer during check out that says "Moving Sale" and wait to receive a revised invoice from me via email before you make your payment... If you have any questions on this process, you can email me with them.

Why the move?? Well for one, it was too much to have both shops open at once. I need one shop to focus all of my efforts on. And while ShutterKate is perhaps better known right now, I feel like KnitStorm better represents the items I sell by the name alone, and so I have no qualms with promoting like crazy!

So make sure you check out, heart it and tell all your friends about it too!

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