Monday, January 19, 2009

All About the Bath

This week I'm focusing on eco-friendly crafty finds that you can use in and for bathroom purposes.

I'm starting it off with a biggie, in my book. The washable and reusable feminine menstrual pad. I am a big advocate for these, and therefore a big user of them. I love the cloth pad options for sale by NaturallyHip especially. They're very decently priced, and come in a lot of cute colors and patterns.

Reactions I've gotten from people in my life that know I use cloth pads are that they're somehow gross, unsanitary etc. That's an incorrect and narrow point of view that completely disregards the benefits of these cloths, to the earth, to my body, and to my wallet. If you care an ounce for the amount of waste you're contributing to our landfills alone, you'll consider cloth pads, and get over the negative reaction people sometimes have towards them. They're way more comfortable than pads made of plastic, and work wonderfully to absorb.

When you're done with one, you throw it in a container of water (I add some eco-friendly detergent and baking soda in the water with them) and let soak for a few hours to separate everything that was absorbed back out of the pad. You can then hand or machine wash these pads and air or machine dry em! I've been using mine for over a year now and they're all in great shape. They just keep on goin!



goodkarma said...

yay for cloth pads! i wish more people would realize how UN-scary they are. and the ones from Naturally Hip's shop are so cute.

Awesome Sara said...

Holy moly, just when you have seen everything eco. I'm a tampon sort-a gal.

Eco Craftiness said...

Hah! You should check out the diva cup then Awesome Sara:

Awesome Sara said...

that is the craziest f*cking site I have ever seen!!! OMG, am I suppose to stick that in me??? When I look at that I feel all sorts of weird and curious too.