Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conscious Knitting

If you're a knitter or crocheter and you care about the future of our planet, it may have crossed your mind more than once where a lot of your yarns come from, and how they are made. Go into any Michael's craft store and browse around in the yarn section, checking the labels of random brands and you'll find that 99% of the yarns being sold have some sort of synthetic fiber in them. Even the yarns made of 100% wool or cotton can seem a bit iffy because of the practices used to create them. This tends to bug me, more and more especially ever since I've found that there are eco-friendly alternatives out there!

Today I'd like to feature one of those alternatives, a store on Etsy called Crafty Yarn. I've used this store for a few months now, and have bought a plethora of recycled yarns from her, which I have found to be not only weight-lifting on my conscience, but a pleasantly diverse and unique variety of yarn types that I could never have bought from a chain box store to begin with!

This is yarn recycled (unraveled) from a gently used, high quality sweater. This is a really special yarn - it's unusual to find silk in such a thick weight, and the color is awesome.

There's plenty more of these one-of-a-kind yarns in her shop to check out! And what a great way to make for some guilt-free fiber crafting!

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