Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back & Relaxed!

Hello! I am back from the fabulous but not-so-foggy-while-I-was-there London town!

I had a great time, saw so very much and came back having learned quite a bit about the wonderful history and culture of Britain.

One thing I saw though that I was not so pleased with is the amount of waste that London generates, and just how messy Londoners can be! Litter seemed to be found in heaps and bounds. I understand that the high taxes paid there means that citizens must feel that they are paying to have someone else pick up after them, but jeeze. Not everything will sit and wait for a street sweeper. I can't imagine how polluted the Thames must be from this lack of picking up after ones self.

But despite this, I found London to be quite beautiful and charming in its own way, and I would be very happy to visit there again in the future. Perhaps by then Londoners will have invested in a greater number of litter bins with that 17% sales tax they append to everything.


marci said...

Mmmm... I guess I didn't notice this much. Certain areas - like around Kings Cross, yes, but others not so much. Maybe we just thought it was the norm coming from NYC at the time. Berlin, on the other hand, was incredibly clean.

Eco Craftiness said...
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Eco Craftiness said...

Yeah, I'm not saying all of London. But the parts that were littered were INCREDIBLY littered. And I saw it more littered than not. Like you said, maybe it's where I was in the city. However, I have heard that Germany is quite clean.