Wednesday, September 17, 2008


That's how London will look soon. No lie, I saw an average of 5 pregnant women a day on my visit, and this was a week long trip. It was insane. Maybe I don't get out that much or something, but good lordy there were just a ton of them. I began to wonder if they had some special head nod or wave to acknowledge each other whenever they passed, kind of like motorcyclists do.

Most of these women were well on in their pregnancies, so I don't doubt there are going to be many a baby showers and other baby-related purchases in the near future. If it were me making a registry, I'd totally have to add this adorable baby bib by HandmadeNaturals pictured above. It's made of organic cotton and I simply love the colors and pattern on it.

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Hyla Waldron said...

Thanks for the find, they will make a great interview for my blog!