Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm Shameless

This week the self promotion posts are off the hook, especially considering I haven't really talked about what I sell since like my first post on this blog. But hey, there's nothing wrong with doing something for yourself every once in a while...

So yeah, I really just wanted to point out some of the eco-friendly items in my first born store,

Basically, I have a few items that are made from recycled yarn (yarn I buy from others who unravel it from used sweaters and the like)...

First and foremost is my most recent listing, this crocheted wrist cuff in a beautiful, silky cotton yarn that's recycled.

I purchased this and other fabulous recycled yarns from defaceReconstruct.

This next item is a knitted camera pouch. The yarn itself isn't recycled, but the inner lining I made from an old sweater of mine that was beyond repair. I simply cut the sweater and hand sewed it into the pouch to make a nice bit of extra protective lining.

These last two items are both made from the same recycled silk/cashmere blend yarn.

First is this light and luxurious burgundy pair of wrist warmers:

And the second is this wrist cuff, knit from my own design:

The delicate silk/cashmere blend yarn used for these last two creations I purchased from another store that recycles yarn: CraftyYarn

So that should give people a better idea of how I try to be eco-friendly in all of my crafting, more and more as I progress (and have the funds to buy pricier recycled yarns). Aside from the crafts themselves, I have other methods of keeping my crafting and selling eco-friendly. You can read about them here if you'd like.


made by molly said...

great stuff!

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

I am loving that first cuff!!! The size is awesome:)