Monday, June 30, 2008

Eco Fashion:

My latest installment for the Eco Craftiness Eco Fashion feature involves the stylish and recycled handbags of carataylor. These bags are made from repurposed plastic shopping bags in a plethora of colors and styles. All of her bags are real eye catchers.

What's great is, not only does carataylor repurpose her own plastic bags into these new, dazzling treasures, but she acquires them from others to do the same! As carataylor puts it in her shop profile:
    Bags come from all over the country - my mom, my friends, my friend's moms... and then there are the people I don't know- the people who I imagine have piles of bags in their kitchen cabinets!

So not only could you do your part by buying recycled waste turned into a great new fashion, but you could commission carataylor to turn your own plastic shopping bags into a new and beautiful purse or market bag, thus scoring extra eco points!

1 comment:

La Alicia said...

very cool feature! off to check out her store - thanks for the intro!