Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knitter's Delight

I've been a knitter for years now, and have never tired of it! Well, except for that brief 9 months of pregnancy when hormones took over and things I had loved I didn't care for so much. But as soon as I gave birth and could pick up a pair of of needles again, I was right back on the knitty wagon.

Knitting has always felt so second nature to me from the moment I taught myself how. I attribute that feeling to having ancestors who knit. It's ingrained in my DNA!

Browsing through my Etsy favorites tonight, I've compiled a little collection of items that I, as a knitter, and lover of all things knitted, seriously covet...

This yarn bowl, by MaidofClay, seems like the most adorable solution to knitting with an unwieldy ball of yarn.

A scotch on the rocks would go soooo well with a night in and some not-too-complicated knitting. I'm game.

Everything about this knitted pouf ottoman amazes and draws me to it. If I had the cash, this sweet baby would so be mine!

If you knit, what would be your number one outlandish knitting accessory to own (or perhaps that you already own)?

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