Monday, April 19, 2010

EcoEtsy's Earth Day Auction Starts Today!

I'm a member of Team EcoEtsy, a collaboration of crafters, artists, vintage and supplies sellers on We're very devoted to greening our wares and our businesses.

We are currently auctioning off collections of items created and donated by team members, through a silent auction, which begins today!

Please check out the main auction page for information on how to bid, along with links to each section of handmade wares up for auction. Proceeds raised will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund!

I submitted a set of wrist warmers made from recycled silk/cashmere blend yarn. They are in the fashion section of the auction, and pictured below, along with the rest of the fabulous eco items up for bids in that section...

Even if you can't make a bid, just spreading the word about this auction would be a great help to our effort! You could blog about it, tweet about it, let your Facebook friends know about it, link back to the auction from any webpages you're on, etc. Please do whatever you can to help out!

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