Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Re-Wrap It

Why buy wrapping paper year after year, only to have it ripped up and tossed into a landfill after one use? Seems kind of unnecessary, right? That's where the following items can step in as eco-friendly alternatives to throw-away wrapping paper and paper gift bags:

Gift Wrap - Tinsel Tidings by Plumcreekmercantile

Straight up wrap it up with cloth! These cloths are decorated beautifully, and are made to the size of common gift boxes, to easily wrap right over them!

Fabric Gift Bag/Tote by GreenWillow

The gift tote that just keeps giving! Prettier than many paper gift bags I've ever received to boot!

All Occasion Fabric Wrap by loneweever

Reusable Shopping Bags Made from Upcycled Shirts by ZJayne

Here's a mind blowing idea: Bags made of reclaimed materials that can be used to put gifts in and be given as gifts in themselves... Once these bags are finished with their initial task of "wrapping" gifts, the giftee has them to use as shopping totes!

Reusable Gift Wrap Fabric Pouch by sistermaide

For the tinier gifts you're giving.

Have other fun and eco-friendly gift wrapping suggestions? Please share them in the comments!


1 comment:

zJayne said...

Each of these ideas are ever so wonderful. They have the unique ability to be memorable, reusable, and often talked about and others do the same.

Makes for a super Eco Craftiness difference!