Monday, November 3, 2008

Orphan Love

One of my husband's co-workers found out that I was a knitter when she saw him carrying around an iPod sock I'd made for him. A few months later she asks him if I'd be interested in some yarn that she had from when she herself tried taking up knitting. She had no need for it anymore because knitting didn't really stick for her.

Of course I said yes to her yarn. I'm not some sort of monster who'd let perfectly good yarn end up in a landfill or something. So husband-man brought home a whole plastic tote worth of this orphaned yarn for me. It's not the kind of yarn I generally gravitate towards in stores, but I feel an obligation to try to make something suiting out of every kind of yarn I have. And so here is what I recently made out of one of the orphaned skeins I received:

The yarn used for this chain link scarf is acrylic, and ends up being great for this purpose because it keeps the links in a wonderful oval shape, and the scarf is still quite comfy, not to mention stylish!

Do you use any orphaned materials you come across or are given? I'd love to hear about what they are, where they're from, and what you turn them into!


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Chakra Pennywhistle said...

I love that scarf!!!

I make art quilts out of fabric that has been given to me. I also have A LOT of tea towel left overs from my patches and tees. The vintage tea towels have fabulous illustrations. So, they are all waiting to be made into something :)