Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oooh Random Taggage!

Rikkianne over at ChakraPennyWhistle tagged me. Here it goes...

Let's start with the rules:
Link to your tagger and list the rules
List 7 random facts about yourself
Tag 7 people
If you're tagged, play along and pass it on!

Ready? Here's my random seven:

1. Anything less than 8 hours of sleep and I'm exhausted for the day.
2. I take entirely too much pride in the music I like even though a lot of people don't know of or think it's anywhere near as great as I do.
3. I passed by Matt Berry walking down a street in London and my knees got weak.
4. I love Jane Austin books but hate Jane Austin hype, even though I probably add to it.
5. My immediate family all moved to Florida and I remain n NJ because I am not at all fond of the Florida's climate or the planning/development that's gone into most of it.
6. Every few months I seem to switch to a new type of caffeinated beverage that I become obsessed with.
7. My mind and body keep telling me they're ready for kids, but my living space and wallet keep reminding the former two that it's just not practical right now.

Okay you are up....



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Kim said...
Thanks though!